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Was SAPNW2004S compatible with R/3 4.7/6.20 ?

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We recently installed SAPNW2004s from ERP2005 package with BI7.03 addon. Right now we are configuring the system to connect to R/3 system which is a 4.7 appl with 6.20 basis. I am getting below error on RFC connection setting via RSA1 t-code.

"RFC user logon failed. Check the connection.

Message no. R3077


You tried to logon to BW using the RFC user. This action failed.

System Response

service 'sapgw01' unknown / CPI-C error CM_PRODUCT


On the following screen, check the destination from the source system into BW. Make sure you entered the correct password."

But I was able to reach R/3 system from bw system via ping test and viceversa. I know its not a password or user-id issue.

We were successfully able to do the same setup in SAPBW 3.5/BI 3.3

Was there any compatibility issue here between SAPBW7.0 WITH R/3 4.7/6.20 ? OR AM I missing some thing. Pls help.



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Answers (2)

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Have you checked the services file on the host system to see if it has the gateway information?

/etc/services file on the Host needs to have the gateway entry (sapgwXX) for this instance number

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You definitely have "compatible" versions. I would not be so sure it's not a password or user issue.

Please see note 807895. I had a case where the source system user had to be set to "service" in order to establish the connection.

Make sure the user in the R/3 system has the authorization S_BI-WX_RFC and the user in BI has the authorization S_BI-WHM_RFC.

See note 150315.

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Ron Silberstein


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Hi Ron,

Thanks for the reply.

User in the both system has 'SAP_ALL' and 'SAP_NEW'.

I changed the user (ALEREMOTE) password in the BW system to upper case as SAP Notes suggested with length less than 8 characters. Still same issue.

Only problem I have is from r/3 server, I was not able to reach BW server via RFC test using SM59 t-code. The errors says SAP GATEWAY SERVICE UNKNOWN.

I checked the /etc/services in BW server, I see the entry SAPGW01 with port 3301 and it is responding. Not sure what else is missing ?

In r/3 system log I see below entries

"Check whether the target system or the target gateway are active."

"Service sapgw01 not known"

"Communication error, CPIC return code 020, SAP return code 665"

"665,,Gateway service unknown"

Any more thoughts ?