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WAS or Dialog instance in DMZ zone

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Hello All,

Please clarify me by answering the following question.

I have a plan to use the erecuting functionality without Portal system and have plans to use this functionality outside the intranet. ( Note : Not planned to move the back end system to DMZ zone)

So kindly suggest me with your valuable points.

The options which we have are.

1. Installing WAS 7.00 engine in DMZ zone and Using this ICM in Erecruting system (back end) by changing the ICM host parameter

2. Installing Dialog Instance and requesting all the erecruting request will send to dialog instance which will be placed in DMZ zone.

Will the above 2 option will work out for my case? Looking for your suggestions


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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to install an application server in DMZ, confirm that you will get the port 445 open.

The TCP port 445 is required to access the sapmnt directory, which contains u201CSAP profilesu201D.


alternative you place an application server lan which will communicate to CI and reverse proxy server (in DMZ)

request flow:

Internet>reverse proxy->application server--->Database server.


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