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Want to call Iview from EP 7.0 to EP 6.0

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Dear Experts,

I have two portal (EP 6.0 and EP 7.0) , I want create an Iview in EP 7.0 and want to see this iview in EP 6.0 . I have given following URL for the Iview in EP 7 in the browser but it is not working.(This URL contains PCD path as shown below)


1) It is showing following error in browser

Portal Runtime Error

An exception occurred while processing your request

Exception id: 05:34_19/11/08_0009_2174450

See the details for the exception ID in the log file.

2) It is showing following error in LOG FILE:

SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_19##0#0#Error#1#/System/Security/Audit/J2EE#Java###: Authorization check for caller assignment to J2EE security role [ : ] referencing J2EE security role [ : ]*sld#LcrUser#SAP-J2EE-Engine#guests#

When I login in EP 6.0, I should see iview which I have created in EP 7.0.

Any help will be appreciated.



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Hi Iqbal,

The issue you are facing is b'coz the iview doesnt exist in EP7. But can u please elaborate on the requirement. If the iview is from PAR which shows some development from NWDS then, i would suggest tht the iview shud be exported from EP6 and imported to EP7.

Also if any code is used as response.redirect("<URL>"). Here make sure that URL consists of deployed URL of EP7.0 .

If its is not development iview from PAR and its a template Iview , then the Iview ID which u mentioned "pcd:portal_content/" is in EP6 and needs to be displayed at EP7 .0 which i think is not possible unless we transport it to EP7. Please note that PCD ID's are always unique

Use transports at System admin-> Transports->Export at EP6.0 and

System admin-> Transports->Import at EP7.0. Here we need to export using Transport Package and save the exported file as.epa in ur local hard disk. This is the proces for Transports.

Hope this will be useful.



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Hi Saila,

Thanks for your response.... I have created one iview in my portal name "google" . this is the PCD path of this iview "pcd:portal_content/"

First.... I wnat to test this iview in my same portal EP 7.0

Example :


however it is not working and given the same error which I have posted. Atleast first , I should get logon page for the portal.



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Hi Iqbal,

Federation the portals.

Than include the role of portal 7 to the user of portal 6.