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Waiting Clock!

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I´m developing a web application using a MVC scheme. And there´s a part on this application  in wich i call a function that takes a lot of time to return the data to the controller. The event is generated with a button event, and well, i'm thinking on putting on the screen a waiting clock with the onclientclick event or a status bar(common download bar).

I was hopping someone could tell me how to do this, or a better idea. The problem that i have, is that for other reasons i´m using abap as the script language, and if i´m not mistaking i can´t have javascript and abap on the same view.

Thank you for your attention on this message.


Mario Cristóbal

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Answers (1)

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You can mix JavaScript and ABAP on the same page; just encapsulate the Javascript with tags as below:

  function show_wait_icon()