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Wait Process in BPM from SAP PO

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I'm PI consultant & trying to explore NWBPM for an interface requirement.

Query: Use BPM to set time interval to call communication channel.

Why: Automate JDBC sender interfaces.

ATP was used but its breaking when data is not available & we want to avoid manual process of starting & stopping of comm channels.

So I would want to set communication channels with external schedulers.

So when data is available the soap call is triggered to PO.

I will set intervals between channels to process data in sequence with time interval of 60 sec.

So when data is ready soap call is made to PO.

SOAP SNDR (Data Ready) ->SOAP RCVR ( External Sched URL to open several communication channels in sequence)

PO will use BPM to call couple of communication channel in sequence to start & stop the channel at every 1 min

SOAP RCVR Start INT 1 (0 min)

SOAP RCVR Start INT 2 (1 min)

SOAP RCVR Stop INT 1, INT 2 (2 min)

I want to start the channels in sequence with time interval to avoid locking during update query, since channels are polling same tables for different data.

Do you experts think if its possible to set up such a process.

If so please advise, we are running on PO 7.5.

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