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Wad Problem

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I have a bex query built with 5 Input variables.

1 Comapny code.

2.Posting date

3.Site ID

4.Project name

5.Wbs item

All the varialbe are of type Manuall Entry/Default.

On top of this query ,there is 3.x Wad created.Now my problem is when User executes the Query ,

Input screen is displayed only with 3 Inputs

There are 3 buttons




When i click on ALL ,it shows me all the variables i.e5 vairables.

This happens only with few user id's.

When i try with my ID ,by default it shows me all the varialbes.It does not show me ALL button.

In RSRT tcode,It show me 5 varialbes.

Please help..what is happening.

Screen shot.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Some users have personnalized some variables. The personnalized variables are not displayed directly in the selection screen (you have to ask for all variables).

Have a look at the icon directly at the left of the variables, it allows you to personnalize or delete the personnalization for a variables.

This is a normal behavior.



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Hi ,

Even i doubted the same,but there is NO dispalying that It is personalised.

you can see the same in the above screen shot.

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