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WAD creating template from 0QUERY_TEMPLATE

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Hi, has anyone got any "how to"

for creating Web Templates modifying (a copy of) 0QUERY_TEMPLATE ?

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the link you gave me is for 7,0, 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN. I'm using 3.x so the standard web template is 0QUERY_TEMPLATE. I suppose! But it can be helpful. Thank you.

What I need to do, as a first step, is to use the table item of the standard web template which, for the moment, is HIDDEN. I'm trying to understand how to SHOW it .

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In between the object tag if you find HIDDEN="X", then that object is marked as hidden it will not show.

Remove the X indicator and leave blank" " then it will be shown.

Actually in the standard template, they made hidden intentionally because when you use the navigation block at the top of the template and click the respective item then it will show the Hidden object.

For example: to show Info about the query.

The code in the Navigation block for the icon Info is

<!-- Display Infos

<td class="SAPBEXNavLine"><A href="<SAP_BW_URL ITEM='GR' MULTI='X' HIDDEN='X' CMD_1='ITEM=GR3&MULTI=X&HIDDEN='>"><IMG alt="<SAP_BW_TEXT program="SAPLRRSV" key="T70">" src="Mime/BEx/Icons/S_B_TXDP.gif"; border=0></a></td> --->

and the code for the TEXT Item with in the object tag is

<!-- Common text symbols: GR3TECommon, initially hidden--->


<param name="OWNER" value="SAP_BW"/>

<param name="CMD" value="GET_ITEM"/>

<param name="NAME" value="GR3TECommon"/>


<param name="DATA_PROVIDER" value="DP"/>

<param name="HIDDEN" value="X"/>





Observe the HIDDEN in the both the code, in the Navigation block info button the HIDDEN =<blank>

and in the TEXT Item code HIDDEN="X", This means Initially TEXT of the report is not shown and when you press on the Info button it will be set to HIDDEN=<BLANK> during the runtime of the query and the info is shown.

Hope you got the idea.



Edited by: Vishwanath H.E on Jan 29, 2009 5:15 PM

Edited by: Vishwanath H.E on Jan 29, 2009 5:17 PM

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Thank you very much, I could do that.

I have other problems, if you could please help me,:

In the navigation panel at the top of the page there is the Excel button (Export to Excel 2000)

1) is it normal that there is Excel 2000?

2) when I press it the page becomes white, in other words it doesn't work => SOLVED!

3) Graphic are not displayed and I get the error:

Error when calling IGS (Error when opening an RFC connection) => probably SOLVED

Thank you,


Edited by: Cristina Castagna on Jan 29, 2009 6:39 PM

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