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WAD chart as JPG + performance

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Dear BW'ers,

I have a serious performance issue on web reports. One of the main problems is the chart. On a web report of 400Kb, the chart itself takes around 300Kb (96dpi, 900px on 300px, 8 bit) and is GIF compressed.

Therefore I would like to make have the chart in format JPG. Is it possible to change settings of the IGS so that the format, maybe resolution also, can be customized (jpg, 72dpi,...)?

(if somebody also nows other work arounds to approve performance of web reports... please share it!)

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Yours faithfully

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Take a look at the following notes:

556854 Compressed transfer and Browser caching of MIME files 11.10.2002

550669 Compressed transfer of BW Web Applications

567746 Composite note BW 3.x performance: Query & Web applications 11.11.2005

Kind regards, Patrick Rieken.

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Hi Patrick,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I already applied most of the notes, but I was wondering if there were still other possibilities.

In fact the most important problem is to have JPG charts instead of GIF charts, which could have the biggest impact on the performance. It is possible in BSP's, but I can not find information on this topic in BW.

Anybody an idea?

Thanks again!