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WAD-Analysis Item-Poor performance for new lines

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I use WAD7 for entering new records in IP.

According to our business requirements, in analysis item properties I have defined "Number of New Lines in Planning Queries" = 50.

After that I face before extremely poor performance - it takes about 1-2 minutes until the page has loaded (note that it is empty page - only new blank rows).

When I define new lines = 1 performance is very good (2-3 sec).

Does anybody know what could be the problem ?


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Hello Andrey,

the number of new lines configured in WAD is completely unknown in the ABAP backend and has no impact on backend performance; in fact, the front end gets information about one 'line' of template cells, this costs nothing.

Checks for characteristic relationships etc. only may have significant costs for cells of the result set, not for new lines.

Whether this problem comes from the ABAP backed or form the Java stack or from the browser rendering can be checked

with an RSTT trace. Is the run time of the trace different between 1 or 50 new lines, were different backend calls recorded?

If not, the problem comes from the Java stack or from the browser rendering. One can check the latter via task manager.

To check (partially) the run time in Java and/or ABAP stack add the parameter &PROFILING=X in the url, cf. note 1048691.



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Hi Andrey,

Please refer this OSS Notes 1056259 Section 2.2, You might already considered it.

2.2 Number of data records read and to be processed

In planning, you require data that is only read (reference data) and data that is changed in planning (planning data). Determine the number of these data records for queries and planning functions. The number of empty cells in an input-ready query can be relevant if the check for the ready for input status is time-consuming. Furthermore, it is important to know how

many data cells are sent to the front end.

Hope this will help you.



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Hello Andrey,

this could be related to characteristic relationships or data slices. Please implement SAP Note <a href="">1392717</a> and check again.



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