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VPN connection to Sybase is slow

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I am using PB 12.5 connecting to ASE 16 Linux on an server running on an Amazon box. The connection is via a VPN tunnel. When I use interactive sql in PB and do a query like "select * from TABLE1" it is very slow to respond. The table only has 100 rows and about 30 columns. It normally takes about 15 seconds to respond. If I do the same query to a testing db that is local to the PB then the response is less than a second. I did a trace and the culprit seems to be the ASE db driver is issuing a DBI_COLUMN_INFO request for each column and this is taking about 80% of the time for the query. If I do the same query using ASE odbc driver then it is under 2 seconds and there is no DBI_COLUMN_INFO requests being made. The ODBC is using DBI_DW_COL_DICT to retrieve the column info and this is taking less than 90ms to retrieve as apposed to 14000ms for the DBI_COLUMN_INFO.

Anybody out there have any ideas to speed this up?

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You might want to ask this over in the , as that's where the techies hang out.