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Visual Studio 2017 support

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Is there a rough date planned for Crystal Reports to support Visual Studio 2017?

Hopefully it's not too far off, as VS 2017 is looking like a great release and I know a lot of people are excited to get their apps ported over 🙂


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Hi Guys,

I have it installed myself and I copied over my main test app and it opens up in VS 2017 just fine, it compiles and works with SP 19.

The only thing it does not have is any of the Template Projects or CR viewer in the Tool bar because there is no integration yet. You can add them manually still by browsing to the Assembly.

I talked to DEV last night and they have it in scope, they did not check in any of the updates into SP 20 ( beta ) build so nothing to test yet. They are still looking at how much and what parts to update in the POC.

Also because we no longer ship with the VS installer DEV has to wait for RTM release before committing anything, because MS may change something at the last minute that could potentially break our installer and potentially delay our release. Safer for Us to wait for RTM release.

SP 20 should be out in April time line, no specific date set at this time, typically on a 4 month release cycle.

As for support ability if you guys do find anything let me know so I can let DEV know...

Thanks again


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Thanks for the update Don, good to hear that plans are in place.

Hopefully Microsoft haven't made any major breaking changes between the previews and the RTM build, and all the all the hard work the dev team have put in preparing Crystal during the Visual Studio previews pays off.

Fingers crossed support can make it into SP20 in April 🙂