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Visual Studio 2008 Crystal XI R2 Database Logon Connection Problem

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I am converting from vb6 to .net and while trying to get crystal 11 to work in dot .net. I am using crystal report x1 r2.

i noticed that CRAXDRT.DatabaseTable.ConnectionProperties doesn't seem to work the same way it used to. I used it to pass the database password to the report.

for example CRXTable.ConnectionProperties("Database Name") would return the database name in vb6. CRXTable being CRAXDRT.DatabaseTable. In Visual studio it doesn't seem to return anything at all, its not even a string

Are you supposed to use something else to provide the password to the report in visual studio?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There are 5 issues I see with your approach without digging too hard:

1) If you are converting VB 6 to .NET, don't use the craxdrt.dll, use the CR SDK for .NET.

2) CR XI R2 (11.5) is retired now (no support, no fixes)

3) The RDC (craxdrt.dll) has been retired and does not ship in any new versions of Crystal Reports.

4) CR XI R2 is not supported with .NET 2008

5) RDC was never tested with .NET and thus is not supported in .NET

Your options:

Obtain CR 2008 (v. 12.x). Eval is available from here:

1) Use the CR SDK for .NET. See the developer help files. See [this|] article on how to (The article does apply to CR 2008 and VS 2008).

See sample apps:

2) Download [Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010|] and use VS2010


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