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Visual Composer iView & Visual composer

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Hi All,

What is Visual Composer iView and Visual Composer . How and what for they are used ?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

Visual composer is A free style UI Designing tool and which is Boon to SAP.

By useing this we can create our portal content and its applications with out any code.

After designing the application they will be deployed in the Portal as IVIEWS.

After that we can use them in our Portal applications.

IS it ok for u?

There is a separe Forum for Visual Composer you can post your quaries over there



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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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thank for reply

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Hi Vijay,

This link will help you to gain gud knowledge regarding VC

[VC imp references|;

[How- to Guides|]

How to use Visual Composer iView:-

1. When you are deploying from VC, click check button and noe down the name of the par file.

2. open your portal page using administrator credentials using the following link as example - http://<ip address>:50000/irj/portal

3. Click the tab Java Developer

4. Click the "PDK Component Starter&Viewer" link on the right-hand side frame.

5. Go to Overview tab.

6. Select your par, for example - com.autogen.guimachine.testbapi1.iView_GYI

7. Click Details link

8. Click Start link.

Check out the url in the browser, save it if you need that for future use.

Also Check,

[VC iVIews|]

Hope this helps,


Shailesh Nagar