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Visual Composer: Its SAFE to use it ?

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Someone told me that I should use Visual Composer for EP 6 sp2 iview development. I was trying to use Eclipse, JBuilder or even SAP NW Dev Studio, but I didn't realize the existence of Visual Composer.

In the install guide, it mentions something like "Pilot clients".. I'm worried if I should use it or not =(

My questions are:

1. Do you know if VC 6.0 is a production version ?

2. Do you know if VC 6.0 is powerful enough to generate code ? (good code performance)

3. In which specific situations should I use VC 6.0 instead of doing everything manually with an java IDE ?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Regards from Mexico,


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Hi Diego,

Answer for your second question:

Visual Composer generates code as well as a debugger, tester, and documentation creator.

Third Question:About Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a visual modeling tool(Drag and drop model)

Visual Composer is completely Web-based

To get a Visual Composer Server up and running

1. Installing Visual Composer Storyboard on the portal server or on a different machine. This machine is the Visual Composer Server

2. Installing Visual Composer Storyboard

3. Install the Storyboard online help module

This can be downloaded from

Hardware Requirements

The Visual Composer server machine requires the following hardware:

• Pentium IV

• 512 MByte RAM recommended (minimum 256 MBytes)

• 2 GBbytes hard disk space

Software Requirements

Technical Requirements Visual Composer BI Kit

Enterprise Portal

• EP 6.0 on Web AS 6.40: SP Stack 05

• Portal Add-ons (integrated in EP 6.0 on Web AS 6.40 SP Stack 05 and higher)

• For VC BI Kit: Deploy BI UDI SP Stack 05 to the J2EE Engine of the Portal

Visual Composer Server (can be on same server as portal)*

• Windows 2000 Server

• MS SQL Server 2000 SP3 as Data Persistence

• MS IIS 5.0

• Microsoft XML Parser 4.0

  • Note: In case the portal is installed on a non-Windows 2000 Server OS, then Visual Composer requires a

dedicated Windows 2000 Server.

Technical Requirements Visual Composer Client

Visual Composer Client (design time)

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or higher

• Microsoft XML Parser 4.0

• Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0

Visual Composer Client (run time)

• Content created by VC 6.0 runs on any clients supported by portal version it is running on (see PAM for Details)