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Virtual attributes for BOR, to show in UWL as a column

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Dear SAP,

We need to add a new column in UWL, which is present as a Table SWWORGTASK, in this we have to pass WI_ID and get ORG_OBJ populate it as a column in UWL.

Please suggent how can we impliment this ? do we needs to create virtual ttribute in the BOR fro the same.

as we have reffered the below link, we are not able to implimant the same. Kindly suggest.

Thanks in advance


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Answers (1)

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No, you cannot create a virtual attribute for this. You cannot refer to the work item ID in the object. This is actually quite complex thing probably. Do you need to be able to show the org_object of the same work item that you are having in the inbox? If yes, you might want to check the programming exists of workflow. Basically I think that it should be possible to popualte a container element of a task from the programming exit.

Progammin exits:

If you manage to populate the "normal" container element (not virtual attribute) of the work item, then you should be able to display it as custom column in UWL. Check for example this thread for more details of custom columsn: