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Viewing Crystal Report from different host.

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I have 2010 environment with Mysql server 5.1 and Crystal Report 10.

I'm trying to connect to mysql sever (A) from another host (B) where I should deploy my app.

The problem that I can't connect to mysql server through crystal report while my application is running,but my whole application can work with mysql server with no problem in connection.

The problem that I face is with crystal report connecting to mysql server.

note that I used ODBC connector, and I've tried ADO (xml) with the same problem.

every time crystal report gives an error : users access denied to root@localhost, if I switch mysql service in the 'host (B)' to on.

Thats because the application searching for the database from the localhost in host (b) with the local root username, but I want it to access directly to 'mysql server (A)' by root@ (the address of server(A)).

I wish Someone Can help...

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Which ODBC connection string did you use when you tried this over the ODBC connector?



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I've add ODBC by using ODBC connector And I add it to User data section.

Crystal Report works fine , because I've been using access db before mysql and I have no problem at all.

the only problem is with mysql connecting to crystal report from host(B).

the whole application in server (A) works fine also crystal report view with no errors.

thanks for reply.

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Don't use User tab, create the DSN under the System tab

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First issue is CR 10 has not been tested nor is it supported in VS 2010.

To use CR in VS 2010 download [CR for VS 2010|;

Likely what your problem is is you are not setting or replacing the database connection info but without more info I can't suggest how to fix it. It could also be that you have set your framework to 4.0, CR 10 is FW 1.1 or possibly 2.0 only.

Or you may even be trying to use the craxddrt.dll which is again no longer supported not are you licensed to use it or distribute it.

Also you'll likely run into version problems with IIS. I believe CR 10 only supported IIS 5 but check the platforms PDF for more info.

Good luck.