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We have a BSP application running inside a CRM. This application is control by a program of the CRM, we use cl_gui_html_viewer class to see the application. We have a problem with the session in CRM and the application, the basic problem is that when the user opens another session of SAP it opens with the application and all of the information that was put on the previous session. What we want, is that when the user opens another session, that the application would be at the begining point. The cl_gui_html_viewer class we are using has a method do_refresh, but we think that this only gets the info from the cache, but we´re not sure.

So once again, i was wondering if anobody knows how to resolved this problem!!

thanks in advanced

Mario Cristobal

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Youy may want to post the code you use to open the BSP session; it's difficult to diagnose errors without it.

Off the top of my head, though, are you creating a new container object for each session? For each workspace containing a BSP application in the CIC, I code the following:



  iv_container type scrfname,

  my_container type ref to cl_gui_custom_container,

  html_control type ref to cl_crm_cic_html_viewer.

    move 'APP_1' to iv_container.

    create object my_container


        container_name = iv_container.

    create object html_control


        parent = my_container.

  call method html_control->show_url


      url = doc_url.