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View Extended UI5 Component causes CORS error in Workflow Inbox.

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Dear Community,

I have a SAPUI5 application with an extension point in the view deployed to the Cloud Foundry with common.

I have a second application that implements this extension point. The path to the first application is registered with

  paths: {

The extended SAPUI5 application works. This SAPUI5 Component in a Workflow User Task.

I am getting a CORS error when opening the user task with this UI5 Component in the My Inbox.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you


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Hi Sudhir,

seems the above config path is located on a separate server. That usually leads to cross-server accesses which are typically forbidden by standard configuration / browsers. You can either look into configurations with which you can change the CORS settings or you can try to "move" your UI to where the other UI parts are. It is also possible that the "separate server" part is unnecessary and you get rid of it.

Technically speaking, it is easiest if all the UIs are made transparently accessible behind the same server using a reverse proxy. In Neo, it is usually the Fiori Launchpad / Portal Service, and in CF it's similar technology (like portal, or app router). They "route" to your UI, e. g. based on destinations referenced in the URL.



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