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Dear Friends,

I am first time doing Generic Extraction in BW. Could you please clarify the following doubts in oder to create a view on two tables.

<i><b>1:</b> In a table some of the fields are assigned with check tables.. what is check tables...?

<b>2:</b> I have tables, Tab1 and Tab2. The field in Tab1 is not exist in Tab2 but I need information of this field in reporting. Is it necessary that all field should be same in both the tables then only view is possible?

<b>3:</b> There are some Quantitative and Currency fields( Key figures in BW) in tables and their units are in other tables. Do we need to join those tables as well with the Tab1 and Tab2 tables..?

<b>4:</b> What are the conditions that are to be fulfilled to create a view.

<b>5:</b> Provide me the comple steps if possible</i>.

Thanks in advance for your answers...


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi check the below links


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Answers (1)

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<b>Check Table :</b>

Before saving a data into the table , The table checks for the existance

of the value in other table , If that value is there in that table only

then it will save , Other wise you cannot save . Thus the table that is checked

before saving data is check table .

Eg: VBAK has VBELN ( SD Doc ) There are many SD NOs

VBAP has VBELN ( SD Doc )

POSNR ( Item )

Before entering any value for VBELN in VBAK you must have same

value in VBELN of VBAK table .


So if you are creating view here the condition will be


Step By Step Doc

<a href=""></a>

Renjith Kumar