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Vew rpt report through browser

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I installed BO enterprise with .NET & IIS. I want to view rpt files through browser as http://server/virtual directory/report.rpt. I created a virtual directory in IIS mapping aspnet_isapi.dll to .rpt file. The issue is that when i browse the report it gives me page cannot be displayed.

what configuration or other dll mapping shall i do to get it running????

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez help

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Answers (2)

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Unmanaged URL reporting (directly retrieving a report using a URL ending with .rpt) is not supported with BusinessObjects Enterprise (last version supporting it was Crystal Enterprise 10).

You'd publish the report to Enterprise and use managed URL reporting, described [here|].


Ted Ueda

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Best Practices would be to employ the use of the openDocument method to call a report from the repository.

Note, there will be the necessity to provide log on credentials. An example at the very very basic mode would be as such:


The above will prompt for username and password since the report is within the realm of the Business Objects repository. Credentials can be passed directly in the link as well,

Another option would be to promote unmanaged reports using a link. On IIS this would involve a little bit of custom coding and using the RDC.