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Very, VERY strange interaction between uninstalled Crystal Reports XI and VB 6.

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A long, LONG time ago, in the early days of the 21st century, I first taught myself programming after purchasing a copy of Visual Basic 6.  During my tenure with my first permanent (non-contract) employer, I wrote an extremely useful little program for recklessly hurling regular expressions at multiple documents.  When I moved on, my employer graciously allowed me to keep the source code for use at home.  It streamlined my bulk editing of my personal coding projects for a start.

Fast forward 6 or 7 years.  Another employer requested that I install Crystal Reports XI on my home machine to simplify work from home projects.  (I have no idea how this pertained to the company's license, I didn't ask.)  When I moved on to my next contract, I dutifully uninstalled the thing.  I have no need to make aesthetically pleasing reports for myself.  I'm not a manager.  Obviously VB 6 had been installed on the machine I had then and have continued to use since, on the off chance might need to use my old program.  Most of my reckless RegExing of my own code is done on an ad hoc basis on individual files, so I haven't had occasion to use it until just now.

What's happening now is extremely bizarre.  Basically when I launch my compiled executable or open the development studio, the system attempts to reinstall Crystal XI Release 2.  VERY odd.  When I cancel (it cannot find and I do not have the install disc) it immediately tries again, a total of four times.  It tries again on close.

I know this isn't a textbook problem, but has anyone else experienced anything remotely like this?  VS .Net is totally unaffected.

I can work around it, but it's quite annoying.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi John,

CR is also include with VB 6 install as well as when installing XI R2 it will also integrate into VB 6, all of the ActiveX controls.

Not sure how you uninstalled CR but likely what you need to do is a repair install of VB 6.

And then no idea why you mentioned VS .net, it too includes a Basic version of CR so you may need to do a repair install of that also.

I heard of a similar issue in VB 6 days, Microsoft Office installer would start up every time VB 6 was started, that was even stranger and we never did figure out what the cause was, one day it just stopped trying to on it's own...

Good luck


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