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VERY URGENT : BW iview from EP

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Pls note :

Everything works OK when we use a HTTP version of BroadVision.

Dear Portal Gurus,

<b>What I want to do :


I want to integrate a BW Report into EP.

This BW report has a first page with drop down boxes in it.If we click on the drop down box it branches to the second page of the report which is a filtered result set.

<b>How I have implemented it :</b>


<b>Approach 1 :



I created a BW iview and embedded the URL.

I have set rules in Apache Reverse Proxy to scan URLs which has the pattern /SAP/BW/ and /SAP( and direct the requests to the BW system ( e.g. SAPBWHOST.SUBDOMAIN.DOMAIN...)

The second rule is used bcoz when we click on the drop down it creates a URL with the format /SAP(.....)/BW...

<b>Problem with Approach 1 :



Apache Reverse Proxy does not seem to handle the second rule.When Apache encounters a URL with /SAP(....)/BW I get an error message /SAPBW(....)/BW.

<b>Approach 2 :



As a work around and also since we might have multiple BW systems in make things easy for the future...we have created an alias at the BW side e.g. /BWABC.

So the expectation was that the requests would always start with /SAPABC and we would have a rule in Apache Reverse proxy to direct the request to BW system to handle it.

The problem with this appraoch is it no longer creates URLs with /SAP(..)/BW after the first page(drop down clicks)

The request has /SAPABC.... then all other request have /SAP/..mime/ ... different types all starting with /SAP/

I cannot have a rule in Apache to route requests with /SAP/ to BW as /SAP/ goes to ITS currently.

In this second aproach I have created a URL Iview which starts with the Revsers Proxy name (HTTPS://..subdomain.domain) since if I use a BW Report Iview it always creates request like /SAP/BW/....I think it is coming from its PAR file.

<b>Problem with Approach 2 :



The first page is visible but when I click on the drop down I get the message "Web application processing terminated"

I initially created a URL Iview with the URL HTTP://SAPBW HOST....BEX URL and it works good with all the pages.But I cannot use this approach since if I come from outside my company's network it will error(it does) out since the domains are different,which is the correct behaviour(as told by my Reverse Proxy people)

The SSO is working perfect between EP and BW.

<b>System Info :


We have a lead Portal which is Broadvision.The user enters into a <u><b>HTTPS</b>://</u> website and the request goes thru Apache ---> EP...The request is NOT HTTPS,but it is HTTP as HTTPS is terminated at the Cisco switch before it reaches Apache/EP.So inshort the request uses HTTP Protocol but contians HTTPS in the request as a variable

We are using EP 6.0 SP12.

EP,BW 3.5 are HTTP systems.

Pls let me know how to fix these issues.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Josh,

I havent understood your problem totally but sometime back even i was trying to view a BW Report iView externally (outside my network) and i got the same error as u mentioned '<i>Web application processing terminated</i>'

So to solve this error, I set their permissions to:

end user read access only. This is set at the iView level and then it worked all fine.

Hope this helps.

Awaiting Reply.

Warm Regards,