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Very serious timeout problem with SAPLARFC

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Hello all !

I am encountering very serious timeout problems with my ALE structure.

Since we have changed Business Connector with Webmethods 6 for managing all our Idocs (inbound/outbound) we are experiencing troubles that I can not understand.

All CPU / Memory indicators are OK, but each time the function group SAPLARFC (that manages all RFC functions) is required for each outgoing Idoc, the RFC lasts very very very long. It seems top be wainting for an answer from Webmethods. We never encountered this problem with Business Connector.

Has anybody met this kind of problem yet ?

Best regards and a happy new year ?

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Have you looked at the execution times of the services being executed ? Anything in the error / server logs ? Have you tried increasing the log level on the SAP adapter to get more debug information ?


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Thanks for replying Raghu.

Is there a way to send you my ST05 logs ?

Thanks again.

Best regards.


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Have you checked the Webmethods side ?

Are you waiting until the IDOC is processed ?

You should make sure that the IDOC is received properly and persisted to a DB. Than you can launch its processing in a different thread to free the RFC connection...


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Hi F.J

We are almost sure that the problem is a Webmethod's one.

I acve been searching deeper and found that the init of the RFC is always waiting for 60 seconds before beeing stopped.

SAP CMINIT is the process always causing this lack. I tried an RFC connexion test with Webmethods, and this step is still waiting (SAP Function RFC_PING)

I tried an RFC connexion test with Business Connector and all works fine during CMINIT ... I am really going mad with this. AZll the system is blocked and slow (inbound IDOC sometimes last 39 hours before integration )

Thanks to you all for your help.


Sebastien J.