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Very large index in classic DSO in BW on Hana

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Hi gurus!

On BW on Hana(version 1 SP12), we´ve a very large classic DSO with more than 1B records. We have a compound primary key, involving 9 columns, and 250 aditional attributes. At database level, the table has a memory size of 112 GB, information i get with "Largest tables" SQL. The problem is 51 GB are index. Since we don´t have user index defined, i figure out the 51 GB index is due to primary key. Problem is the one in Hana: memory is an expensive resource, so we are trying to optimize the amount of memory consumed by the whole table. Someone can help me search information about this kind of problem, and understand why a 9 columns primary key index needs 51GB of memory, in order to optimize the amount of memory we need?

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