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Vendor Invoice Screen 'Payment' tab screen field 'DTWS1' update

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Hi ,

Based on some criteria, I need to update the 'DTWS1' field of  'Payment' tab of FB60 tcode. I am using the FM,


The program & screen numbers of Basic data are 'SAPMF05A'  & 1100 and the program and screen numbers  of Payment screen tab, where the field 'DTWS1' exists are 'SAPLFDCB' & '20'. But when I am passing these values its giving incorrect error ' Incorrect screen number'.



    the above are basic screen program name and screen numbers. Similarly am giving for 'Payment' tab screen as 'SAPLFDCB' & '20'. But its giving error. Pl suggest.


G.Khadeer Basha



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  • Shouldn't the dynpro number be subscreens 0020 or 0520 of function group FDCB (SAPLFDCB)
  • Are those dynpros active at your enhancement point?
  • Did you try substitution rules or even one (free) of the BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS* BAdI?