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Vendor field coming with default value in all transaction where Vendor occurs

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Hello Experts !! ,

Need your assistance regarding one issue :

1) Vendor Field in all Transaction is coming with default value , when you click on search button , search window is not popping up .

2) Checked with Security and Basis team there no default Vendor value has been set .

3) Reinstalled SAP GUI , checked personal setting : nothing related to found

4) Checked logging ion different system , same issue .

5) Also Deleted all temp file on users system .

Vendor field coming with default value in all transaction where Vendor occurs.

Please help !!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello shardulvilasjoshi

What is the T Code you are using? It looks like a custom report or t code.


Sanil Bhandari

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Answers (1)

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I think that the screenshot is taken from MB51 (retail system). One possible reason for the vendor field to be populated (other than you viewing some record with this specific vendor just before you ran MB51) could be parameter LIF in SU3 with the vendor number set.

If this is not the case - check if some scripts are running when you execute the transaction.

You mentioned that this happens in other systems, too, but does this occur for other userIDs? What about log on with a different user ID from the same laptop?

From what I know, usually these fields are populated in reports via set/get parameters, your development team should be able to find out if such parameters are used in other reports and from where these values are taken exactly.

By the way, are you running the report with a specific variant?

And what happens if you delete the value for vendor and then immediately restart the transaction? Is the vendor field populated?