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Vendor Classification Data

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Hi All,

We have a requirement to load vendor classification data along with vendor master data. Anyone has worked with classifications?

Can we extend/modify the standard Bestpractices IDoc for Vendor master data load ? What is the best practice for this?

I came across this thread where it says,

"you have to create your vendors first. When that is complete, you have to create a file on the app server with the classification data. Then run RCCLBI03"

Any suggestions on using Data Services for the same?

Thanks in Advance.


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Hi Jes,

I received this information from Eugene De Lattes in the Best Practices development team:

Vendor classification is called Vendor Evaluation. Hereu2019s some help for setting the evaluation up in an SAP system:

The good thing is weu2019ve already got two objects that could be used for vendor evaluation: the Class (IDoc type CLSMAS04) and the Classification (IDoc type CLFMAS02) in our list. The only thing that might be unclear is that weu2019re using CLFMAS02 as Material Classification. Itu2019s, actually, more generic, and is called Object Classification. The object, of course, can also be Vendors.

Some generic help for Classification:

And here you can see the IDoc types in MM:

So, the answer could be that vendor classification is already covered by the IDoc types. However, we donu2019t have a specific mapping for that nor weu2019ve got a separate documentation.

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Hi Ginger, Thanks for all the content. We will work on this and update you on our progress. Thanks again...



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Hi Ginger,

Thanks for the information. We are able to load vendor characteristics using Material Classification. But we are having 2 characteristics to be loaded. When we try to load the second Characteristic data the first record is overwritten by the second characteristics. How can we load 2 characteristics for the Vendor using the CLFMAS02 IDOC? We have created a duplicate segment for E1AUSP but getting error in Data Services for Duplicate name.

Please give your inputs on loading 2 or more characteristics to SAP using CLFMAS02 IDOC.



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Sorry for the late reply. I forwarded the forum question to one of our developers. He said htis:

It should not actually create an error when two segments are created. We have on our RDE server (client 181) an IDoc # 7605 from 08-Nov-2010 which contains two characteristics segments E1AUSPM, and that IDoc was posted without any problem. I'm sure it's something in their config that prevents it from being posted (incorrect or mistyped characteristics or limiting the number of characteristics per classification). He forwarded me a couple of screen shots but I don't see how to add them as an attachments

Were you able to find a resolution?



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To pull Claasification data into BW please check: [ How to Extract R/3 Classification Data into BI |]

Hope it Helps


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Thanks Srini... In my case, the source is legacy and the target is sap system.