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Variant management & View functionality

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Hello ,

I was reading the functionality of variant management, i have a small doubt that the View creation (in process manager) and the Variant management seems to be it similar.

just to clarify want to know what are the different Usses of both the functionality   SAP Signavio Process Manager   SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub 

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Product and Topic Expert

Hello ghemraj,

Apologies for the confusion. View Creation is a specific terms in process intelligence.

In process manager you can indeed create views. A view can be use to see a model which contains different variants of one process. However, in a view, you solely include what you want to show an audience and exclude what the audience does not need to see. You do not create variant there.

Examples for using different views of process models:
• A model contains both user activities and elements for technical implementation. The audience wants to
focus on the technical implementation.
• A model contains different variants of one process. The audience should only view one variant.
• A model contains the expected path of a process and a number of exceptions. The audience doesn't need to see the exceptions.


Variant management is about creating specific process and witness their execution in diverse setups. Variant Management is managing the multitude of variants in processes by both identification and modeling of variants.


Let me know if that's help.