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Hi All,

This is a very urgent question since I need to come with a technical solution the coming weeks. I have the following problem:

A client wants to use variant configurator in SAP but instead of filling in the values of the characteristics himself, he wants to have a graphical tool (kind of graphical interface in which he wants to configure his material).

Example : configure a car --> you want to configure you car by selecting the different components en options but this via a graphical interface. This screen then updates my values in the variant configurator.

In my case it is not a car but more simple products like doors and windows.

I once saw an integration of visio but this was not in SAP ! Any other ideas ? Java applets ???? I have not clue

thanks and hope to hear you soon,

eric hassenberg

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Answers (4)

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Did you already solve this? If not let me know I might help with some suggestions.


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Companies usually develop their own solution for front end. JAVA is a popular tool used to develop solution for your need.

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Hello Eric,

You might want to check out

These people have developed a state-of-the art product configuration solution, and I was quite impressed when I saw it. Person to contact is Mr. Marijn Schouten.

Alles goed daar in Brx?

Johan van Rosmalen


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Hello Eric,

I think that Festo ( have realized a Product configuration with the IPC (Internet Product Configurator). What I've seen a year ago was a HTML Frontend. Unfortenately I haven't found it now on their website.