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Variable Substitution not working when using ABAP mapping

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Hi all,

I am doing an IDoc to File scenario.

Due to some complex mapping requirements, i had to use ABAP mapping for IDoc to File ( IDoc : SHPMNT05)

There is also one more requirement where in i need to generate the receiver filename dynamically

i.e the filename is of the form :



XYZ is the Shipment number (E1EDT20- TKNUM)

DD/MM/YYYY is the IDOC creation date in ECC (EDIDC-CREDAT)

so i used the variable substitution option in receiver file adapter.

But its not working.

Is there any limitation for using the variable Substitution, doesnt variable substitution work in case of ABAP mapping?



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u written ABAP mapping program to get the file name in the required format ,

is it rt?

when u test it at message mapping(including ABAP map program)

u get the the required format of file name in the one of target filed.

if that was fine, please check the variable substituiton parameters at receiver file adapter.

i mean, are u maintain variable name and refernece.

u have to specify the payload information.

warm regards