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Variable Substitution and PGP Encryption on SFTP Receiver?

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Hi All,

I have a file to SFTP scenario that I am trying to use variable sub. on to pull a field out of the payload and place it in the filename. However, I also want to encrypt the file. This does not work because PI encrypts the file before using Variable Sub. Therefore is there a way to use both? If not, can you use variable sub. within the module tab?

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Answers (2)

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Hello Ryan,

Dynamic config bean should help as Bhavesh suggested.

ensure you follow the sequence(Dyanmic first then encryption)

Dynamic file name and directory in Receiver File Adapter - summary of possibilities - Process Integr...

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Is there a reason you want to use Variable Substitution? Why not use the Dynamic Configuration and set the filename in the mapping via the Dynamic Configuration UDF?

Another alternate is to use the Dynamic Configuration Module in your receiver channel before the PGP encryption module so that it can read the data you need to and then write to the Filename parameter..