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Variable – range selection issue

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Hello Guys,

I created a variable mandatory and selection option based on Fiscal Year/period (0FISCPER).

The issue:

At the variable screen pop-up window, when I select values for Fiscal year/period using “Single Values” everything works fine.

But when I select values using “Value range” for the same variable, I don’t get any result (numbers) on my report when query is executed…. The layout is displayed, but without the results (the numbers)

Note1: At the drilldown mode, we have the same behavior…

Note2: Same issue happens when using variable for Calendar Day (0CALDAY).

Do any of you experience the same issue?

Thanks is advance!

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Hi Mikix,

Add Fiscal year variant to the query and restrict it by the value in your cube.


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Hello Jaya,

The Fiscal Year variant is already on my filter value on the query designer.

I believe that has something to do with the mandatory variable... not sure yet.

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I dont think it has anything to do with the mandatory clause. As the system should pick up - single values or a range depending on the variable ... all it looks is if the value has been passed or not..

Why not create a new variable- range - mandatory and try passing the values .. i believe it has to be the way the old variable is built.

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Hello Voodi,

You were right... this issue has nothing to do with the mandatory variable...

I made some testing:

1) Change my original variable to "Optional / Selection Option" - the issue continues.

2) Create a new variable "Interval / Mandatory" - the issue continues.

3) Change it to "Interval / Optional" - the issue continues.

The problem is concentrate on the "value range selection" (interval)…

I am on SP10 on 2004s…

I guess the best idea would be to open a note to SAP.

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even we are on the same patch, but we never had this problem. Anyway, i will try it tomorrow for something similar situation. Will keep u posted. Our dev is down now, not up till 2morrow.