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variable "read mode setting" Only Values for InfoProvider

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I have a problem with Selection Variable for a BEx Query:

- I'm working with SAP BI 7.0 support package 15

- My query is an input ready query;

- Characteristic, I want to filter with variable, has query property Advanced->Query Execution for Filter Value Selection = Only Values in InfoProvider

My problem is:

when I execute a query,

the Select Values for Variables screen appears

I push on the Select from List button

and Select Values For MyCharacteristic appears...

but it shows me all values in master data table of my characteristic instead of only values in the infoprovider!!!

Could someone explain me why it doesn't work correctly?

Thank in advanced


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Answers (2)

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Thanks to Mariana Lazar

30.03.2009 - 12:30:36 CET - Risposta by SAP

Dear Fede,

Regarding the query built on aggregation level please note the following

the aggregation level is always a Virtual Provider built other

InfoProvider and hence it does not have the dimension table and hence

the F4 mode D is not supported.

Therefore when aggregation level is used in a query, F4 does not supportD-mode: 'Only Values in InfoProvider' and all master data values are

displayed in the value list.

Reference from the note

984229 F4 modes for input help as of SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI


4. Since other InfoProviders do not have a dimension table, the system

displays only posted values if you select "Only Posted Values for

Navigation". Otherwise, it displays the values from the master data



Hope this should clarify your doubts. Please let me know if you have

questions else please confirm the message at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your cooperation and kind regards,

@KR@ Mariana Lazar

Senior Support Consultant

SAP Active Global Support

Netweaver Business Warehouse

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Hello Federico,

For correct results You have to edit the info-object(characteristic) and

then In the Business Explorer tab--> Query Def. Filter Value Selection -->Values in the info-provider.

What you are doing is you are making changes to--"Query Execution for Filter Value Selection' field

instead of this you should make changes to Query Def. Filter Value Selection then only the characteristic will show the values in the infoprovider in the list of values.



Edited by: Priyanka on Mar 27, 2009 3:24 PM

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Hi Priyanka,

I'm sorry,

but I forgot to write that my info-object(characteristic) has already set the property

Business Explorer tab--> Query Def. Filter Value Selection as Only Values in the info-provider...

then I don't understand why it doesn't work correctly!!!