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Variable filled Authorizations

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Business Requirement:

There are 50 sales organizations in a company. And BW team does not want me to create 51 roles ie 50 one for each one and one for all. They want me to create 1 role with variable and this variable should be filled in EXIT routine.


1. Authorization relevant

2. Created custom authorization using RSSM

3. Applied custom authorization to CUBE using RSSM

4. Created a role for custom authorization using PFCG

5. Created a Global variable ‘processing type authorization’ using BEx

6. Dragged authorization variable in report.

It works if I put a value in a role directly (Fixed value)

But looking for a flexible and better solution

Avenues tried:

CMOD -> Project -> EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001 -> source code (Tab) -> INCLUDE ZXRSRU01 and coded.

Need to use I_STEP = 0. Yes I can use if it visits in the customer exit, but it is not visiting to customer exit.

I have changed processing type to customer exit and used I_STEP = 1 and 2, it visits the customer exit and applies the value then it fails with Authorization error.

Question: Is any one has done it, if so how? If not any thoughts?

If use processing type = customer exit then I do not need to create authorization object and role etc. Create a global variable on infoobject and fill that variable in customer exit.

Is there any other way?

Sam / Raman

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I do have a similar problem. Did you find a solution yet ?....any help is appreciated

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you did already

- Authorization relevant

- Created custom authorization using RSSM

- Applied custom authorization to CUBE using RSSM

Please try the following steps

1. Create in BEx a variable, e.g. "E", processing by

"Customer exit", not ready for input

2. Created a role for custom authorization using PFCG,

in the custom authorization use "$E" instead of a

fixed value.

3. Fill the variable in ZXRSRU01

when 'E'.

l_temp = ... "value corresponding to sy-uname

l_s_range-low = l_temp.

l_s_range-sign = 'I'.

l_s_range-opt = 'EQ'.

APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.

Best regards


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I tried looking for document, I need exact name, I did not find anything what I am looking for.

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There are 4 docs Under "Authorizations":

· Authorizations in a SAP BW Project (pdf)

· How to... BW/HR Authorization 3.0 (pdf)

· How to... Generate BW Authorization Profiles from a flat file 3.0 (pdf)

· How to... Grant authorizations for query components by creator 3.0 (doc)

the third speaks about a centralized authorization management based on a flat file to be loaded in a special ODSs. The values for the Caracteristic (relevant for auth) will be provided to the Authorization variable by the ODSs.

Hope it helps (and don't forget to reward me if your questions obtained an answer ...)


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I have read all the documents and tried to solve it, but unfortunately this does not solve the issue. By the way I really thank you for your efforts.

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You can use:

1 - Variable with Customer Exit: you say need to create authorization object, but without how can you prevent a future Query to be created and executed if somebody forgets to insert the variable?

2 - Variable for authorization: about this topic there's a good How to in under InfoIndex.

Hope it helps