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Variable Entry - Select Values for plant

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Hi All,

I am using a variable(OPLANT) in a report and in select screen I just need Key and Text.But Now I see more details. Ex:key,text,country key,business partners and so on. How do I get this to display just key and text from the select values screen.

I tried Business explorer tab settings and set it to key and text but still no luck.

Any Help please ?



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Answers (2)

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There is a third check you can do apart from the two checks mentioned by Kiran above.

There is column called 'Order for F4 help' in the 'Attribute' tab of an infoobject.

Here the value against each of the attribute being displayed as of now should be made'00'.

When we make custom infoobjects, it is generally kept as '00' by default.

But since this is a standard SAP infoobject, this might have values greater than 0.

This indicates that these values will appear along with the infoobject during the value

help (in the order of the number mentioned).

It might not be possible for you to change this number. In that case you might have to

create an infoobject (copy of this object but without values against 'order for F4 help') and

use in the flow and query.

- Shruti

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I think it is due to following points

1. You have added some display attrubutes in the report. Just remove them if not required

2. Just check whthere those are compunding and if there are any setting exists around it.

Thanks and regards