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VAR scenario

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Hi experts,

I have a few questions regarding VAR scenario. In the scenario I have CUSTOMER solman 7.0 and VAR solman 7.1.

1. What transaction type should be used by the CUSTOMER End Users to open incidents? SLFN or SIVA?

2. In VAR scenario, do all End Users must have s-user (in addition to a SU01 user) so that the VAR will be able to forward the message to SAP if needed?

3. I don't understand the connection between the SLFN (?) transaction opened by the CUSTOMER in his solman to the SMIV transaction type I think VAR should use in his solman... (Technically I understand I should configure value mapping in spro, but I'm having trouble understanding the "migration" process if there is one...)

I would appreciate your help,

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi, Adi.

Here is a configguide for connecting 2 Sm systems (VAR's and VAR customer's):

This guide will give you the understanding of interaction between 2 Solution manager systems.

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