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ValueMapping interface - populate from ABAP and get back info?

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I'm populating the XI value mapping cache from some tables in the R/3 system. I've built a general purpose utility to enable me to build the value mappings, and I'm using the ValueMappingReplication interface to get the data into the cahce. This all works well.

The value mapping interface allows the following operations:

Insert - needs all fields (context, GUID, source agency scheme and value, dest agency source and value)

Delete - needs all fields

Delete group - needs context and GUID

Delete context - needs context

Delete context generic - Allows effectively a wild card on the context.

The problem is the administration of the value mapping data. The data in the cache is keyed on the GUID that I pass into the XI system. This means that I'm storing the GUID in R/3, as it's the only way I have to manipulate individual mapping table entries.This is fine, as long as everything remains in step. However, once things get out of step, the only solution is to delete the whole context and refresh every mapping table in the context.

What I need to close the loop is a way to interrogate the XI cache, to determine the GUID and the keys of the existing entries to confirm that what R/3 believes has been populated actually has been. Is there any way to extract this information, accessible to a ABAP develoment in R/3? (ie, using the RWB is not an option).

Any thoughts welcome

Alan Graham

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Hi Alan,

Have you considered looking at the functions within the XI ABAP system to assist you (which doesn't involve the GUIID)?

i.e. Function Group SKMP: Functions:







These seem to have the required functionality you need so you don't need to do anything funky with the JAVA stack.

Alternatively, someone would need to reverse engineer the JAVA libraries and find a BAPI equivalent library to access the data which is highly unlikely though it would be great if someone from SAP would open up this possibility with a nice stable JAVA interface. Then you could access this library from within a JAVA mapping or similar (still pretty dangerous in my mind).



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These functions do most of what I need, but unfortunately, only for a single context. In my system, there must be some configuration linked to our solution manager instance, that gives the solution manager context to the functions once the functions call the java that actually does the lookup. These function only manipulate mapping groups in that context. Other contexts (eg,, used in the integration directory) are not accessible using these functions.

Matt's comment that it would be great if someone from SAP could provide a java interface is hereby seconded! I think that would be the best option.



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Alan Graham

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Hi Alan,

I have more or less the same requirement to fetch the actual values from the mapping cache.

I also had a look at the function modules.

Unfortunately it is not obvious to me, how to fill the import parameters correctly, what to place where.

I also created a thread asking for more information regarding readout.

I suppose you were able to use the mentioned function modules. Could you share your experience regarding import parameters, please.