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Valuemapping CSV import

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Hello Integrators!

I've been trying to find out the correct CSV template to upload value mappings in the CPI Web IDE. The documentation is not really clear on this and I have not yet found a topic on this on the community.

It's a complete new integration, and I have no PI system available(the documentation suggest that the PI export has the correct layout).

I tried:




But none of these worked. Can someone provide me with an example file?


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Hi Manoj,

Thanks for your reply, unfortunattly it doesn't work in CPI. This is how de mapping looks lik in the Web IDE:

I added the entry manually to illustrate my expectation

This is what I put in my CSV:

I also tried BRITTISH|GBR,GBR|BRITTISH in row 2 columns B and C but that's also not accepted.

I'm starting to wonder if I can even add value mappings with an upload; maybe it's only meant as initial upload?



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Hi there,

I created the pictured Excel (valuemappingcreator-excel.png) that generates the correct CSV format when you enter the relevant parameters. Simply enter the agency/identifier info, enter the source and target values, and copy and paste the blue text cells into another Excel sheet, and save that sheet as CSV. This will allow you to import directly into SCI.

It won't allow me to attach the Excel 😞 so you would need to create the formulae yourself.

Hope this helps.