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hi everybody,

The scenario is-

I created a value node(BasicDetails) under the context root node and create value attribute(Number) in the component controller context. I have created two views and named firstview and secondview. The firstview context has been mapped to the controller context whereas the secondview context is not mapped in order to pull the data from the component controller programmatically. The program that I have written was :-

String Number = wdThis.wdGetPOCOMPONENTController().wdGetContext().currentBasicDetailsElement().getNumber();


After executing the application iam not able to see the secondview screen itself..

What modification in the program should be made, so that iam able to fetch the data from the Value attribute(Name) and display it on the second view.

thanks in advance.



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Answers (2)

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You need to add component controller as required controller in view.

Open "secondview". Select tab "properties". Click "Add" of "Required controllers" and select POCOMPONENT.

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You should bind the secondview context to the controller context.

Why do you want to retrieve the values programmatically?

If you want to do some processing, you can programmatically change/convert the secondview context nodevalue in wdDoModifyView().

Good luck,