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Value-added tax problem about free goods!

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Hi All,

I've got a value-added tax problem.....

Can anyone can come out with a solution.

Here is the Business Scenario....

One product company offen give some free goods to its customer company for test or probation. In pricing, the free goods have no income so that the value-added tax is zero, but by the law, the product company must pay the VAT(value-added tax) base on the cost of the free goods.

How to implement this in SD R/3 Scenario...

Can any one of you suggest me a solution for this plz..



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You need to bring in a consition type "VPRS" in your pricing procedure. The VAT will be determined based on this condition type. VPRS is a statistical condition type. That means eventhough it appears with a value it will potentially not be displayed in your invoice. The invoice value will be 0 and there will be no account posting for this condition type

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thank you for the answer.

Then condition type "VPRS" is a standar condition in our price procedure, and also appearance in price.But it still no "VAT" in the bill document because the NETWR is 0.

Can I computer "VAT" base on "VPRS" with the condition type "MWST"?