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Validaion Rules - Approver

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Hi Experts,

I am new to SAP IS field.I was trying to create validation rules and had some doubts regarding the same

1. Whenever we create a new validation rule it needs to be approved.Suppose if we have 1 person say A who creates a validation rule and submits for approval, Where can the approver check that validation rule is sumbitted for approval.

2. If there are two approvers can we select the approver we want as approver for validation rule

3. We do not want approver and creator role for a same person.We can define these roles in role management.Please correct me if my understanding is wrong

4.After the rule is approved how will creator get to know this



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Thank You.

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Hello, Nitin

When you create a rule, you can select a specific user OR group (ex: Data Insight Rule Approver) as approver and click on 'Submit for Approval' button at the bottom to send the rule to approver.

Once you send the rule for approval. the rule status changes to 'Submitted' state from 'Editing' state. You can see this status on the main rules page.

In order to approve rules, you can go to 'My Worklist' tab, and the rule will appear there if the rule is assigned to you. If the rule is assigned to a group, you can view that rule by unchecking checkbox 'Show Only My Worklist' option. Approver can approve / reject rules from there.

Hope the above info helps. BTW I am using IS 4.2, the process could be different in earlier versions of IS


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Hi Nitin,

Please refer the below URL for Validation Rules in Information Steward 4.0.

Information Steward 4.0: Create Validation Rules:

In this tutorial, you will create a validation rule to determine the quality of the data in the source system. When the rule task is executed, Information Steward will compare the source data against the rule and determine whether  the source data passed the rule. Validation rules are the foundation upon which you will build an Information Steward scorecard.


Information Steward 4.0: Create Complex Validation Rules:

In this tutorial you will create two additional, more complex validation rules, The first rule will check for certain characters in the customer name. The second rule will check that the sales customer exists in the Master Data Management data warehouse.


Hope this will help you as well.



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Hi Daya,

Hope Nitin didn't asked you about how to create validation rule, please go through the discussion once again, he asked you how to approve the validation rule.....

Now the same doughy which I'm shooting to you, could you please tel me Where/How  to approve validation rule.