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V3 Updates!

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Can anyone explain to me how V3 updates work(in the background). I understand that the delta updates are stored in a buffering table, but I need to know how it works in the background. Right now if there is a problem with the data when it hits BW, I have to reset the infocube.

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Matt,

if my weblog is not useful for your needs, here is OSS Note 396647 'FAQ: V3 update Questions and answers'...

(I think you need some info about delta repeat procedure...)

  • Question 1

Update records are written to the SM13, although you do not use the extractors from the logistics cockpit (LBWE) at all.

Active datasources have been accidentally delivered in a PI patch.For that reason, extract structures are set to active in the logistics cockpit. Select transaction LBWE and deactivate the active structures.

From now on, no additional records are written into SM13.

If the system displays update records for application 05 (QM) in transaction SM13, even though the structure is not active, see note 393306 for a solution.

  • Question 2

How can I selectively delete update records from SM13?

Start the report RSM13005 for the respective module (z.B. MCEX_UPDATE_03).

o Status COL_RUN INIT: without Delete_Flag but with VB_Flag (records are updated).

o Status COL_RUN OK: with Delete_Flag (the records are deleted for all modules with COL_RUN -- OK)

With the IN_VB flag, data are only deleted, if there is no delta initialization. Otherwise, the records are updated.

MAXFBS : The number of processed records without Commit.

ATTENTION: The delta records are deleted irrevocably after executing report RSM13005 (without flag IN_VB). You can reload the data into BW only with a new delta-initialization!

  • Question 3

What can I do when the V3 update loops?

Refer to Note 0352389. If you need a fast solution, simply delete all entries from SM13 (executed for V2), however, this does not solve the actual problem.


  • Question 4

Why has SM13 not been emptied even though I have started the V3 update?

o The update record in SM13 contains several modules (for example, MCEX_UPDATE_11 and MCEX_UPDATE_12). If you start the V3 update only for one module, then the other module still has INIT status in SM13 and is waiting for the corresponding collective run. In some cases, the entry might also not be deleted if the V3 update has been started for the second module.In this case, schedule the request RSM13005 with the DELETE_FLAG (see question 2).

o V3 updating no longer functions after the PI upgrade because you did not load all the delta records into the BW system prior to the upgrade.Proceed as described in note 328181.

  • Question 5

The entries from SM13 have not been retrieved even though I followed note 0328181!

Check whether all entries were actually deleted from SM13 for all clients. Look for records within the last 25 years with user * .

  • Question 6

Can I schedule V3 update in parallel?

The V3 update already uses collective processing.You cannot do this in parallel.

  • Question 7

The Logistics Cockpit extractors deliver incorrect numbers. The update contains errors ! Have you installed the most up-to-date PI in your OLTP system?

You should have at least PI 2000.1 patch 6 or PI 2000.2 patch 2.

  • Question 8

Why has no data been written into the delta queue even though the V3 update was executed successfully?

You have probably not started a delta initialization. You have to start a delta initialization for each DataSource from the BW system before you can load the delta.Check in RSA7 for an entry with a green status for the required DataSource. Refer also to Note 0380078.

  • Question 9

Why does the system write data into the delta queue, even though the V3 update has not been started?

You are using the automatic goods receipt posting (transaction MRRS) and start this in the background.In this case the system writes the records for DataSources of application 02 directly into the delta queue (RSA7).This does not cause double data records.This does not result in any inconsistencies.

  • Question 10

Why am I not able to carry out a structural change in the Logistics Cockpit although SM13 is blank?

Inconsistencies occurred in your system. There are records in update table VBMOD for which there are no entries in table VBHDR. Due to those missing records, there are no entries in SM13. To remove the inconsistencies, follow the instructions in the solution part of Note 67014. Please note that no postings must be made in the system during reorganization in any case!

  • Question 11

Why is it impossible to plan a V3 job from the Logistics Cockpit?

The job always abends immediately. Due to missing authorizations, the update job cannot be planned. For further information see Note 445620.

Hope it helps !



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take a look to OSS Note 380078 'FAQ: BW delta queue (RSA7): Questions and answers' too....


Question 4:

Why does Transaction RSA7 still display LUWs on the overview screen after successful delta loading?


Only when a new delta has been requested does the source system learn that the previous delta was successfully loaded into the BW System. The LUWs of the previous delta may then be confirmed (and also deleted). In the meantime, the LUWs must be kept for a possible delta request repetition. In particular, the number on the overview screen does not change if the first delta is loaded into the BW System.


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...and 691721 'Restoring lost data from a delta request' and 576896 'Checks when PSA contains incorrect data for delta requests'...

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It is not that your weblogs didn't help me.. I am just not sure how V3 updates truely work. I mean the logic behind it.

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don't worry...I believe my weblog can help a little, but if you (and someone else) are not sure how V3 updates truely work and logic behind it, this means that (sigh...sob...) weblog doesn't completely carry out its function !!!

Hoping to remedy this 'defect', let me know if you need something !



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Roberto I thought I would say your weblogs did help a lot. When I read them initially I did not understand the LO COCKPIT. After understand them a little and a brief history, I understand the idea now. Your weblogs make a lot of sense and thank you.

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Hi Robert,

I had a doubt on V3 update and your weblog helped, thanks, Ravi T

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