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V3 update and open hub questions

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Hai There,

I have two basic questions.

1. In LO extraction we delete contents of setup tables before delta initialization and settingup V3 update. Once the setup is made and extraction is running, how many times do we delete the contents in setup tables? Is it every time the data is sent to BW delta queue or only once?

2. Why do we need openhub to transer data from once BW system to another BW system? We can do it with RFC also can we? I know that we need open hub functionality to transfer data outof BW system to other systems as it needs additional licensing. What about BW-BW system interaction?

I would appreciate any help and correction in my above statements.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. You need to delete the setup tables only once after you have used them for your initial load. It is a one time activity.

2. Open Hub is mainly used to transfer data to non-BW systems. Licensing issues come only if you are sending data into non-SAP systems. If it is BW-BW, you should use the normal RFC based processes. This as you know involves creating an export datasource from a datatarget in the first BW system, replicating these in the second BW system so that they are datasources for the second system.

I am cut-pasting some portion of FAQs on Open Hub from SAP material. Hope it is of use to you.

The exact statement in the price list says:

... Open Hub has to be licensed whenever data is being extracted and transferred from mySAP BI into 3rd-party target systems. The communication between multiple SAP BWs does not require Open Hub...

In every case 'Open Hub' is used here as a generic term for any kind of technique that provides capabilities to extract data from BW. Therefore, the Open Hub licence fee does apply for extraction of data out of BW via InfoSpokes, the Listcube transaction and any other feasible functionality that is realized with SAP or non SAP techniques.

Taking data out of BW and passing it to 3rd party Datawarehouses generates additional benefits to the customer. The information quality of 3rd-party DWs increases with getting high-class, consolidated and consistent information out of the R/3 and mySAP world. The number of BW-users increases indirectly.

Changes introduced in the Master Price List affect prices going forward. Since the price list item 'Open Hub' was introduced on 01.01.2002, all contracts concluded before that date are not affected.

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