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UWL default view

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Hi people,

In a SAP EP 6.0 SP14, I have added the default UWL iView to the content I intend to provide to the end users. It is working fine, but I need to check something.

For the tabs "Tasks" and "Tracking", there is a dropdown box where you can select one view among the available ones to display your items. My Portal has two options in this dropdown: <No Subview> and Collaboration.

The issue is that the view <No Subview> is the default one, but I would like to have Collaboration view as the default one.

Is it possible to configure? Can you please help me with documentation about that?

Thanks in advance

Fernando Urzedo

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Fernando,

It's not possible to change the entry <No Subview> as default entry.

But what you can do is to move the Collaboration view as first and default entry into the first dropdown box. This would have a similar effect: the collaboration task list is shown by default when you bring up the UWL or click on the task tab or tracking tab.

Let me know if that's what you like to do and I'll outline the configuration steps.


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Hi Matthias,

This is exactly what I wanted! Please let me know the configuration steps... or point me to a document describing it.

Thanks a lot

Fernando Urzedo

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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You need to customize the UWL XML configuration like this:

1. Download the configuration xml "uwl.standard" from the UWL administration / content configuration.

2. In the file, locate the tag <NavigationNode name="Main" ...>.

Keep it and the its nested tags, but delete all other tags like Actions, ItemTypes, Views in the XML (we do not want to customize them).

3. Make the file look like this:

<UWLConfiguration version="1.0">
  <NavigationNode name="root" view="" referenceGroup="">
    <NavigationNode name="Main" view="" referenceGroup="">
      <NavigationNode name="CombinedTask" view="<b>uwlTaskCollView"</b> 
        <b><NavigationNode name="any_name_here" view="uwlTaskCollView" 
        <NavigationNode name="task2" view="DefaultView" referenceGroup="" 
... rest of nodes here ...

The key changes are in bold.

4. Upload the file in the UWL administration as new configuration (any name). It takes effect immediately, but you may need to log out / log on to see the changes.

Don't worry, if there is any problem, just delete your configuration and the UWL automatically reverts to the standard configuration.

The NavigationNodes under "Main" define the tabs.

The NavigationNodes under "CombinedTasks" (represents the task tab) define the entries in the first dropdown. With the configuration, you tell UWL to use the collaboration view as first and default entry in the task tab dropdown.

You can customize the tracking tab in a similar way (NavigationNode "CombinedTracking"). Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the collaboration tracking view, but you can figure it out easily by enabling the support info on the UWL iView. If you then select a UWL view at runtime, it shows you the view name (among other information) under the UWL.

Also, in case you don't have it yet, check out the UWL How-to guide:

That's it for now,