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UWL Configuration - View configuration of NavigationNode

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Dear Experts,

I want to configure the UWL to create a custom data table for my own item


This UWL table will be shown in the portal as a delta link that has an

own configuration, not affecting the standard UWL.

To achieve this, I write a custom UWL Configuration (as specified by the dtd), specifing

- a custom View named "myCustomIView"

- a custom navigation tree, containing a Navigation Node named

"mainCustomNavigationMain" on the second level, which contains two

Navigation Nodes referring to "myCustomIView" (rendered as tabs)

In my own UWL table I refer to "mainCustomNavigationMain" as the

navigation id to use my navigation tree and iView definition.

But when I first select the portal role that links to the custom UWL

iView, only the configuration of the navigation nodes affect the UWL

iView, but NOT the configuration of the iView (such as columnOrder,

width, supportedItemTypes and Actions). Instead, the properties of the

UWL's default iView "DefaultView" take place. Even though, in my UWL

configuration this view is NEVER mentioned or indirectly referenced.

Only when I change to the 2nd tab, the iView configuration takes place.

When I then switch back to the first tab, this one's iView is also

configured properly.

Thanks in advance for your answers!


Milena May

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a UWL Configuration as outlined below

2. Upload the UWL Configuration (System Administration -> Universal

Worklist and Worklflow -> Universal Worklist Administration -> Click to

Manage Item Types and View Definitions -> Tab: Upload New Configuration

Configuration Name: uwl.custom

High Priority: true

3. Go back to Universal Worklist Administration

-> Cache Administration Page -> Clear cache of all Systems

4. Create a custom portal role and add the UWL as a delta link

5. Modify the properties of the delta-linked UWL:

useNavigationId = mainCustomNavigationMain

6. Log off and on again.

7. Navigate to the custom role containing the UWL iView

-> see the described behaviour



<ItemType name="uwl.task.myCustomTask" connector="MyCustomConnector"

defaultView="myCustomIView" defaultAction="forwardUsers"


<!-- Item actions are displayed in the preview and

detail view as action buttons. -->


<Action reference="forwardUsers" />

<Action reference="delete" />







<View name="myCustomIView" referenceBundle="bundle_custom"

columnOrder="subject, isEscalated, creatorId, createdDate,

priority, attachmentCount, dueDate, status" width="800"


<!-- View actions are also displayed as buttons and can

have an effect on none, one or multiple selected items.



<Action reference="delete" />

<Action reference="forwardUsers" />






<!-- The first level just defines the navigation section in the config

file, bundling all custom navigation models. No properties required. -->

<NavigationNode name="rootCustomRoot" view="" referenceGroup=""

visible="yes" keepItemCountUpdated="yes" displayItemCountInTitle="yes">

<!-- The second level defines the (custom) navigation model for

a custom UWL iView, which is assigned to iView property

useNavigationId. -->

<NavigationNode name="mainCustomNavigationMain" view=""

referenceGroup="" visible="yes" keepItemCountUpdated="yes"


<!-- The third level defines the tabs, and the view

which is displayed when the tab becomes active. -->

<NavigationNode name="myCustomTab1"

view="myCustomIView" keepItemCountUpdated="yes"

displayItemCountInTitle="yes" visible="yes">


<NavigationNode name="myCustomTab2"

keepItemCountUpdated="yes" displayItemCountInTitle="yes"

visible="yes" view="myCustomIView">





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Hi MilenaMMay,

What version is your UWL including patch level?

Beth Maben

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