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UWL API restricts the number of results

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Hi gurus,

I'm trying to use UWL API to get all tasks relative to the logged user. I follow this blog:

[] [original link is broken];

Here is a detail of my source code:

  IUWLService uwlService =
  (IUWLService) WDPortalUtils.getServiceReference(
  UWLContext myContext = new UWLContext();
  IWDClientUser user;
  user = WDClientUser.getLoggedInClientUser();
  IUser loggedInUser = user.getSAPUser();
  IUWLSession mySession =
  IUWLItemManager itemMan = uwlService.getItemManager(myContext);
  QueryResult result = itemMan.getItemsForItemType(myContext,ItemType.UWL_ITEM,null,null);
  ItemCollection coll = result.getItems();
  List l = coll.list();
  Iterator iter = l.iterator();
  while (iter.hasNext()) {
	  Item item = (Item);
	  // External Type is used to filter the notifications according to application
	  	wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("ExternalId: "+item.getExternalId().split("@")[0]);

The problem is that the number of tasks returned is always the same and it never goes over the 100 results. It seems that there is a filter that stops the results after the 100 tasks...


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you can specify several query properties when calling the API.

For example:

QueryProperties myProps = new QueryProperties();


QueryResult result = itemManager.refreshCacheAndGetItems(myContext, myView, myProps, null);



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Thanks Timo, it works correctly.