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using sumbit statement

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Hi all,

In one of my report depending upon the 3 checkboxes iam calling 3 different reports .iam not displaying anything in the main write statement.If all the checkboxs are checked and the program is runned it displays the reports that ar ebeing called.

Bu the requirement is that when i clicek the BACK button i should navigate directly to the selection screen of the main program .But now it is going thru all the 3 reports.

hope to get a reply .



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Answers (2)

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Hello Srinivas,

sounds like the reports should not be executed in a row. Maybe switching from Checkbox to Radiobutton satisfies the requirement.

Best Regards



    p_Rep1  type flag Radiobutton Group G1 default 'X',
    p_Rep2  type flag Radiobutton Group G1,
    p_Rep3  type flag Radiobutton Group G1.

  case 'X'.

     when p_Rep1.
       write: / 'Submit P1'.  " submit Rep1 and return.

     when p_Rep2.
       write: / 'Submit P2'.  " submit Rep2 and return.

     when p_Rep3.
       write: / 'Submit P3'.  " submit Rep3 and return.


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This is happening probably because in your main program, you do submit after one another. Do you case or if statement in your main program.

To better help, maybe you can post your main program. I don't think it is a huge program right?