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Using Rank Number in CKF for rows and columns in Bex

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Hi All,

I have one issue while using "Rank Number" in CFK.

I have used the feature of "Calculate Single values as" = Rank Number in the CKF.

And got the below result which is good till now. ( Here the Month is in rows )

PortFrom   PortTo   Month        Qty     Rank

ABC          XYZ       05.2013     10       3  

ABC          XYZ       05.2013      5        1 

ABC          XYZ       05.2013      8        2

Now , when i shif the Month into Columns above the KF , the Rank Figures changes to X

                 Month   05.2013               

PortFrom   PortTo   Qty     Rank

ABC          XYZ       10       X  

ABC          XYZ        5        X

ABC          XYZ        8        X

Here as per the Rank Number defination it will calculate in only 1 direction either in rows and columns.

Please let me know hoe do i figure out this problem.

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI sagar,

This umbrella concept behaves in a peculiar way. When you keep calmonth as umbrella, then all the Kf's will be taken under it and displays the data according to the month.

But you have defined "Rank Number" on the fly initially. That means Rank is not a KF. It is just a display option in Bex. So when you keep umbrella as calmonth, rank cannot be considered under it, that's why it throws exception which is X.

Please use as per your first case only. You can explain this to the user.



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