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USing NWDS for ISA b2b & b2c Applications

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Hi All,

I read all the 13 pages of this thread and found that you are the best person who can give answers to all the questions related to NWDS.. I hope that you are not overloaded with work . please write to me the answer of my doubt whenever you have some free time..

<u><b>My Problem</b></u>

I have to modify quite a lot of JSPs and also i may have to write new screens and functionality to the ISA application.For this i will have to write new JSPs,Business Objects , Action classes , backend layers etc...

I have all the necessary softwares installed on my system and i have also followed the steps mentioned in ISA_BuildTool_10.pdf... I have the project directory set up in my system.. I am still not able to decide which IDE i should be using to do the development of JSPs and other components... Looks like if SAP has provided us with NWDS then we should be using it otherwise there's no point of installing it toooo..

<b><u>My questions ....</u></b>

<b>How can i setup my project folder in NWDS..</b>

<b>Would i be able to see the preview of JSPs that i am modifying or i have to deploy them everytime..</b>

<b>Can we eliminate the use of ISA buld tool and using ant here... ?</b>

<b>Can't we simply use the NWDS to create b2b_project.ear & .war and deploy it on J2EE Engine ...</b>

Please send me the document at the following id if that is ready : - <b></b>

Any help or discussion would be very really benefical for me ..

Have a nice time!!!

Thanking you


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Answers (2)

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I am Rajesh..and it seems that you and I are facing the same problem. Well, I am really finding it hard to find material like PDF's files on Build Tool. and ISA Development and Extension Guide.

I would really appreaitate if you could send me some material. Well, My project is very simple and I have been given the task to first submit a simple demo of B2C on R/3 system. ( Not CRM ). I have also installed the NWDS and everything including the ISA WAC Java components. I am having real hard time in modifying them....

Can you please shed light on it...You can also email to me at

Thanks in Advance for your kind consideration.


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Sorry all my first two lines are a copy paste mistake that was intended for stephen