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Using Link in TableView to open an iView with parameter(s)

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Hello friends, This is my first message to this forum and so is my first experience working with iViews.

I have a TableView where i need to link a URL on each cell of "Credit Memo No" column, to a different page (through bean) in the same iView, which would be used to edit further details.

I need help to know as to

1. how can I generate a link on such cell dynamically so that it knows particular "Credit Memo No" associated in that cell?

2. what rules should i follow while generating this "url reference" dynamically to other page/bean?



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1) You need to use the URL generator service to generate the URLs required to the relevant pages/iviews. This is documented in the PDK documentation

2) The create a link in the tableview, following the tableview model documentation in the PDK, you need to do the following

a) Set the column type to be TableColumnType.LINK

b) You need an addition column for the ToolTip

c) You need an addition column for the key also

I hope this helps

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Thanks for that info. Do you have some sample code for it?